What is IMPACT Student Ministry?

IMPACT is our student ministry for teenagers between 6th to 12th Grade! We want to see all the youth at Bethel and in our community become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. 

Our Program

Mid-Week Gatherings | Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

IMPACT has its own space where students meet! Every Wednesday we have a great time with a variety of games, discussion opportunities, and sharing about God from the Bible.  We have a team of caring adults who give their time to make connections with students and help them live out the truth of the Bible.

Our Big Win

As a ministry, we win when a teenager takes a step toward owning their faith.

Taking A Step

There’s no finish line or certificate of completion when it comes to spiritual growth. Instead, spiritual growth is a journey (a life-long journey) and no two journeys are identical. That’s why our big win doesn’t have anything to do with a specific skill or achievement. Instead, we win anytime we see a teenager take a single step closer to owning their faith.

Owning Their Faith

We believe there are three things that both lead to and are a result of spiritual growth. We call these three things our three spiritual rhythms, which we define as Up (SpendingTime With God), In (SpendingTime With A Community Of Believers), and Out (Sharing Their Story With The Lost). Click here to see more about Bethel's Mission & Vision.

Stay Connected

Here are two ways we’re hoping we can keep the lines of communication open . . .


We send an email just for parents at least once a month. It’s packed with information on our ministry and on how to be an awesome parent of a teenager. If you’d like to receive emails, let Pastor Jakob know by emailing him at jsiegel@bethelonline.org. Visit IMPACT this Wednesday Night!


Follow us on Instagram at @impact_stu_min. We post photos, videos, and updates from our ministry each week. You can find our page here: http://www.instagram.com/impact_stu_min/

Contact Us

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